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Backup Power Battery

Designed for UPS, security and anti-theft systems, and fire alarm systems. When the external power grid is disrupted, a UPS will release power stored in the battery to aliment electricity loads to prevent losing equipment control, or aliment the affected lighting systems, fire alarm systems, etc.

Cycle Battery

Multipurpose series.Machinery without an internal combustion engine will need to store electricity in a secondary battery from an external power source in order to operate the machinery with the power stored in the battery. Therefore, the rated capacity and the cycle life of a battery will determine machinery performance.

High Power Battery

Use on telecommunication systems and UPS.With good and high-efficiency discharge performance, long life, and safety, the high power battery is minaly used on equipment requiring high current output in a short time or telecommunication base equipment and UPS.

EV Battery

EVs, golf carts, medical systems. Batteries specifically designed for cycle uses featuring outstanding discharge performance, vibration resistance, and non-spillability.

Super Long Life Telecommunication Backup Power Battery

Use on telecommunication systems and large energy storage systems.Telecommunication bases providing communication channels between the back-end network and user mobile phones with the cellular network, including radio transceivers and antennas. Based on topography, telecommunication operators plan and build telecommunication bases to strengthen coverage and provide subscribers with the best communication quality. Therefore, a telecommunication base will need backup power batteries to maintain fluency and reliability communication.

Green Energy Battery

Designed for storing solar energy and renewable energy with deep cycle performance. A system module is designed to store electrical energy in the secondary battery to aliment instruments and equipment. While a battery may be charged and discharged repeatedly without being fully charged, such battery must be equipped with deep cycle performance to ensure rechargeability after discharge.

Startup Power Battery

For starting up automobiles and motorcycles.In addition to starting up the engine of automobiles and motorcycles, as electronic equipment plays an increasingly important role on modern automobiles and motorcycles, a battery with high startup power and a low self-discharge rate is required to aid normal vehicle operation.